Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Discovery: WEbook.com

I've discovered another website that I'm really enjoying. WEbook.com is a social networking site for readers and writers. Writers submit projects they're working on for feedback and readers read the projects to give feedback and reviews. And a of couple times a year they do a voting cycle where the projects are open for voting and those that do well get a publishing deal. I've been a member for almost a week and since we're in the middle of a voting cycle I've been reading some of the projects up for publication. I will admit that I was a little disappointed at first by some of the projects. There were several that didn't look like they'd been polished or edited at all. There were tons of grammar and punctuation errors that totally detracted from the plot and characters. I couldn't focus on the story because of all the edits I wanted to make. But I eventually found several that I could actually focus on and enjoy.

So head over, sign up, and start reading and voting. My pen name is Chelzin if you want to be 'friends' or view some of my projects when I eventually put my work up. And let me know if you find any projects you really love.

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