Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Follow up on Questia

So last week I very excitedly recommended a site (Questia.com) as a place to find ebooks for free. I have been ready Dickens's Great Expectations for the last few days and I have some thoughts regarding Questia. It is not the best reading experience I've had and I'm wishing I had been more reserved in recommending it. I am very much enjoying Great Expectations but I think I would enjoy it more if I had a hardback copy in hand rather than the copy on screen. Questia is free, but I have found a lot of distracting mistakes and formatting errors while reading. There are misspellings and places where a space between words is missing not to mention the occasional punctuation error. I admit that I will probably come back to Questia in the future for a quick read, but probably only when I want to check something in a book that I've already read. I do not recommend using it for a first discovery of these classics.

Your thoughts?

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