Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Spring!

It's finally starting to look like spring out here. It rained most of the day yesterday but it was a warm inviting rain and now the tree in my tiny backyard looks like this picture. I'm so looking forward to sunny days and warm weather. I've painted my toenails and I'm wearing sandals so now I'm ready to go!

What's your favorite part about spring?


Scott said...

I have a bad case of spring fever at the moment. My favorite thing about spring (and fall) is the temperature. It is that wonderful time of the year between the bitter cold, and the blazing hot that helps you remember why you like going outside again.

susanmaxine said...

oH yes I am so looking forward to the warmer weather here in Washington State we have so far had some realy nice days but then followed with cold and wet like to day so in side on the computer, I missed out on summer last year so will be nice to feel the heat of the sun.