Monday, April 14, 2008

A Thunderous Time

Thunder Over Louisville was wonderful. The Bald Monkey was right - it is an amazing fireworks show. The picture to the right was part of the finale and what an ending it was! They shoot the fireworks off from barges on either side of the 2nd street bridge and then off the bridge itself, which you can see in the bottom corner. We watched the show from the 16th floor of a building to stay out of the cold - the weather this weekend just did not cooperate. But I'm still really glad we got to go and I've decided Louisville is a pretty slick town.

Despite all the driving, I did not get anything done on my novel. Nor did I get any reading done... We listened to some audiobooks my husband had chosen out at the library which were interesting, but not really what I'm into. But it was still a great trip and I had a fantastic time.

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