Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Home Again

It feels great to be home although I had a rather stressful day yesterday. Fortunately, I was a little ahead on my word count so I only had a little ways to go to catch up. Today, however, is the day I want to reach 50,000 words. It may not really happen, but it's good to shoot for it.

I'm coming up on the climax of the novel and then I'll have the winding down at the end. I've struggled with my climax in the past because I have a hard time writing the action scenes. This time it's going to be a battle and I'm hoping I can build up the intensity enough and then follow through with a great battle. But the most exciting part is that I have plenty of material to get through to 50,000 words and beyond. Plus, I think I have some great ideas for a sequel. Very exciting!

So how are you doing here almost at the end?

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limeade said...

I'm excited that you've made such great progess. 50,000 words is quite an accomplishment.