Thursday, November 29, 2007

Revenge on the Silver Screen

Revenge makes for some of the best plots in books and in movies. A good story about revenge can captivate and audience and make a reader sympathize with your protagonist. One of my favorite stories about revenge is the Count of Monte Cristo which was recently made into a film. Now my husband hates the movie because it is so different from the movie, but I like them both as separate stories. I think the climax scene at the end of the movie with the Count and the man who stole his bride and his life is just so satisfying.

Another great story about revenge is the movie The Prestige. I saw this a few months ago for the first time and I thought it was so intriguing. The revenge part is not quite so satisfying, however, because the audience does not share the character's obsessions. In this way, the movie becomes more a lesson or warning against revenge.

Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd comes out next month and this is another movie that is all about revenge. Johnny Depp stars as the main character who swears revenge when he is unjustly sent to prison. When he is released he becomes the Demon Barber and gets his revenge for his cruel punishment and for his wife and daughter. Visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site to see the trailer. Revenge, again, makes an appearance on the silver screen. Visit Sweeney Todd on MySpacefor more details.

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