Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Week of Rain

This may sound absolutely awful for some of you, but I welcome the rain. There is nothing like the pitter patter on my roof and the water-logged world to get my creative juices going. We're getting quite a bit of rain here this week and I gladly welcome the change in weather as I prepare for Nano next month.

Why is rain so conducive to the creative mind? Maybe it's because my candle flame is more pronounced in the cloudy light or because my hot chocolate is more comforting when it's chilly. Or maybe it's just because a sunless day makes me reflective and quiet.

What about you? Do you create better with sunshine or rain?

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Zoe said...

I work better on sunny days, because the rain usually sets off my allergies. But even rainy is better than hot and humid; on a hot humid day I can barely think, let alone write. I'm very glad NaNo takes place in the fall instead of the summer.