Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Background Music

Maybe it's because I'm home alone most of the day, but I always like to have some music on in the background. I discovered Pandora.com a little while ago and I usually have it on when I'm at the computer. It lets you create your own stations based on music you like - very cool.

When I'm writing it always helps me to have a little mood music on. I really like instrumental jazz because it's fun and energizing. But I also love movie soundtracks because they have so much intensity. My favorite composer is John Williams because he did all the classics - Star Wars, Superman, Hook, and Harry Potter. I know the music well enough to tune it out while I'm thinking but it gets me in the mood to be creative.

I also like having music on when I'm reading, but I find it easier to concentrate on my book so it doesn't have to be just instrumental. So I pretty much have the music going all day!

What do you listen to when you read or write?

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Zoe said...

Some days I have to have silence when I write, but when I do listen to music, I don't have a problem listening to music with lyrics - it doesn't distract me at all. But I can't listen to music when I'm reading; it distracts me too much. I would think writing would take more concentration than reading, but I guess they use different parts of the brain and the music interferes with one and not the other.