Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Flame of Inspiration

I have a small collection of candles in my writing corner. They are my companions whenever I read or write. This is something bout a candle flame that just ignites my creative juices.

From ocean breeze to apple vanilla, the scents of my candles help me find the mood I need. Amid gentle wafting smells and dancing flames, my muse tentatively comes to visit. Sometimes my efforts to coax her out of hiding are in vain, but I still like to watch the fire. I like the way the color changes and the flame ebbs and then grows. The flame is never still and when my air conditioning turns on, the flame performs a wild and dangerous dance.

Light, fire, and flame have consistently been used throughout literature as metaphors for knowledge, good, and power. Maybe I have absorbed some of this and my sub-conscious is enlightened and my imagination heightened by a burning candle.

Whatever the reason, I love candles and somehow I find it easier to create with the flame of inspiration alight on my desk and in my mind.

What inspires you or triggers your creativity?

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limeade said...

I wouldn't consider myself all that creative, and I'm definitely not into candles, but I do love music. Whenever I would study, I would always listen to some kind of music.

Perhaps it's really my Muse-ic.