Thursday, July 12, 2007

Back in the Groove

Life is getting back to normal for me after a couple of weeks filled with family, visitors, and vacation. The only thing I'm having trouble with is getting back to my writing projects. I never should have set them aside, even though I was taking a little break from everything else. So, now my muse is punishing me by taking her own vacation. I can't seem to get myself back in the groove of working on my novel. I find myself picking up a book to read or a book on writing to study during the time I've designated for writing instead of working on my current project. The strangest part is that I was so excited about this project just a couple of weeks ago - it was all coming together to sell and I was having a fantastic time working on it. Despite all that, I don't seem to want to go back to it. Suddenly, all these other things keep taking over and I just procrastinate. But I really do want to write and create, so why is this so hard?

Well, it's not. I'm getting my novel out RIGHT NOW and I'm going to work myself back into my excitement. I encourage you to go pull your writing project out and get back in the groove of writing every day. And be excited!

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