Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Nighttime

My husband left early this morning for a week long trip with some of his college buddies. This leaves me the freedom of doing whatever I want for the next week. I hope to get a lot of writing done and today seemed like the perfect day, but I couldn't get myself in the mood. As I sat staring at the TV and wondering why I didn't feel like writing, I remembered a quote from Mister God, This is Anna which I read a couple of months ago and posted about here.

"Your soul don't go very far in the daylight 'cos it stops where you can see... The nighttime is better. It stretches your soul right out to the stars."

I liked this idea and it seemed to resonate with me. For some reason, my mind works better creatively when it's rainy, cloudy, snowy, or dark. I can still make it do what it needs to on sunny beautiful days, but I am more inclined to sit down and work on a project when the weather is inclement or when it's dark outside. Maybe it's because my candles are more prominent then or because I feel cozy with my mug of hot chocolate.

Does this make sense to anyone else? When do you write?

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