Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Friday

For some reason this Friday is an especially good one for me this week. I thought we could all take a moment to celebrate the things we've accomplished this week and the fun we're all going to have this weekend. Take a second and think about the things you did this week that you're proud of. Here are some of mine:

I published 4 posts this week (including this one)
I worked on my novel everyday this week and made some good progress
I finished reading 2 books this week
I had company over for dinner and it turned out really well

What about you? What did you accomplish?

Let's all make a goal right now to spend some time this weekend working on something that we will feel proud of. For me, I'm going to work on my novel more and hopefully actually start writing it instead of planning and brainstorming. I'm also going to get my house all clean and ready for company (my sisters are coming to visit). And I'm going to have fun with friends this weekend.

Do something today or this weekend so that come Monday, you won't feel that your weekend was a total waste of time.

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