Thursday, June 21, 2007

Juberry Original

I got this in an email from Juberry yesterday. I figured I would post it here so more people could enjoy her little story.

I am a temp. In my many days of temp service I have worked with many various
things. Diamonds? Been there. Mental patients? Done that. Huge Burrito costumes? I came close once…But of all the jobs I’ve taken, one of the most dynamic was my receptionist position at (company name excluded). Because I worked with elves. They lived under my desk.

Now don't get too excited you Lord of the Ring fans, Orlando Bloom did not live under my desk. That would be weird, and there would be no leg room for me. No, these guys were around the size of a sharpie highlighter, only fatter, and more animated, and not yellow. My first encounter with these little guys came as a result of my allergies.

I was spending the day in misery. My nose was running incessantly and, in order to save on tissues, I would leave my used ones on my lap to dry. Well one of these dropped to the floor, rather far under the desk, so I had to dive under after it. And that was where, to my surprise, I found a little man holding up my tissue so I could grab it. Needless to say I shrieked something and hit my head on the bottom of the desk. And then the phone was ringing and my receptionist reflex kicked in so I answered it. And the whole time I'm listening to some guy complain about his computer not working and how he chucked it out the window and now its really not working...the whole time I'm thinking, "there is an odd little man under the desk holding my snotty tissue!"

Out of that glorious beginning has come a wonderful symbiotic relationship, they massage my feet, and I let them eat stuff out of the candy dish. Life is wonderful!

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