Friday, May 25, 2007

Addicted Reader Support Group

Hello, my name is Juberry, and I am a binge reader.
(Hi, Juberry)
I think it is wonderful that we have this group to support addicted readers. I can tell from your red eyes rimmed with dark circles, your cups of warm, steaming, highly caffeinated drinks and your comfy, baggy and otherwise "lazy" reading attire that we all share something very special. An addiction for words. An obsession with printed pages. A deep abiding love for "Once upon a time", "The End" and everything in between!
The reason I am here is to not only take part in your literary basking but to also ask for your advice. How in the heck do you put down a good book? How do you acquire that most wonderful reflex that tells you to just go to sleep instead of reading just one more chapter, ok, two more chapters. Or three, if they are short, or good, or if there are cliff hangers at the end (You see my dilemma). So I am asking that if you have any suggestions, please let me know. And by the way, has any one read any really good books lately?

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