Saturday, March 31, 2007


I am always looking for new and promising authors as well as classic old ones. Sadly, there are many authors widely considered as "classic" that I have never read. Fortunately, I was opened to some great authors during my education so I'm not completely deprived of the greats authors of our past. My taste in authors is similar to my taste in music - I like practically everything.

To be more specific, some of my favorite authors include the following:

Jane Austen
Most consider her simply 'chic lit,' but after taking a class in college focusing on her works, she will always be one of my favorite authors. Her unique characters and her grasp of human qualities intrigues me. Another thing I love is that her books are written as much for the first-time reader as for the re-read. The complex nature of her characters invites me back again and again to see what else I can learn about the characters.

Clive Cussler
Unlike some of the other popular adventure authors out there, Cussler can actually write. I love his characters and his plot lines are exhilarating. Best of all, his style leaves me feeling like I've read something on my level but doesn't get in the way of the story.

Robert Jordan
His Wheel of Time fantasy series is one of the best I've read. The world he has created in this series is amazing and his characters complex and believable. I love his descriptive abilities and the intricacies of his plot. If you're looking for a great fantasy read, this is my first recommendation. Be prepared to spend some time reading, though - there are currently 11 books in this series and he's not done yet!

That's who I have with my Book 'n' a Mug. Who do you have with yours?


limeade said...

I'm more of a fan of historical or thriller fiction. I also read a lot of non-fiction business and success books. Whatever it is though, it's important to always be learning and to open yourself up for new things.

Welcome to blogging.


Anonymous said...

Tolkein, Heimerdinger, Nephi. I also really like the author of Take a Risk, if you happen to know her. Can you guess who I am?

arnuld said...

I don't have much selection of authors but selection of good books written by anyone. It does not matter whether he is bestsellers or not. I read Sci-Fi and Non-Fiction works only and I like to have a mug of juice with a book, nah.. no coffee tea... nicotine degrades the brain ;) . Here is a list of my masterpieces, along with some movies:

1.) The Man Who Sold the Moon -- Robert A Heinlein

2.) Zen adn the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance -- Robert M. Pirsig

3.) Free Software, Free Society -- Richard M. Stallman

her is the list of some movie-masterpieces:

4.) V for Vendetta (movie)

5.) CYPHER ( movie )

6.) Zeitgeist (movie )

6.) Fahrenheit 9/11

7.) Loose Change ( Final Cut )