Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So Now What...?

This seems to be the most common question NanoWrimo-ers are asking these first couple days of December. I feel it more than I'm asking it, though, mostly because I know exactly what comes next.

November was awesome and I met my goal of 50,000 words, but I did not actually finish my novel. I have a couple more scenes to go so I don't really feel like I'm done yet.

Then there's the editing. I know for sure that while I love this story, it needs some major work and rework. This year I'm going to try really hard to edit as much as I need to so I can end up with a finished product. My last few novels from past Novembers are still filed away just waiting for some polishing. I need to commit to them so I can finally have a finished novel that I feel comfortable sharing with friends and family. Otherwise they won't ever believe I am a writer and I don't know if I will truly feel like one, either.

After that there are more stories waiting to be told.

And more editing.

And more writing.

Which just makes me want to quit my job and write all day for the rest of my life! Maybe I'll also eat some food and pay attention to my husband. I'll probably hang out with friends and family, too. Looks like I need another November to get anything done...


ganymeder said...

Thanbks for posting this.I too have Nanowrimo books that need more polish. I've worked on them off and on, but I need (as you said) to commit to them more so I can truly finish them.

I also suffer from Post-Nanowrimo blues. Does that happen to you too? I find that large amounts of caffeine and smaller amounts of additional writing helps a little though.

RZStoryLove said...

Ganymeder - I also suffer the blues. It's like Christmas afternoon after all the presents are open and you look around thinking 'we have to wait for an entire year again?' I want to keep writing, but I know I need to give myself a bit of a break. So I will take your prescription!

ganymeder said...

Thanks! It's nice to know I'm not the only one that feels that way.

If you like the deadline thing but aren't up to a full novel right away, you could participate in #fridayflash at Twitter. It's like mini-nano... Just post a flash piece under 1,000 words on your blog and link to it on Twitter with the hashtag #fridayflash ... It's every Friday. I'm working on mine now. :D