Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Link Lineup

I've slowly been gathering links through Twitter (great resource for writing and books in general) and blogs I subscribe to. I figured it was time to unload a few on you:

Depressed, dejected and/or discouraged? You're not the only one. Here are 7 tips on how to ditch that mood and get back to joyous writing (from Nina Amir at RedRoom).

Getting Started
Great stuff about your opening line from Jeff Gerke over at Editor Unleashed. "
You get only one first line. It has the most impact of any sentence in your entire book. Don’t fritter it away."

In the Middle of Things
Having trouble with plot like I am currently with my WIP? Adding an action scene isn't always the answer... even if that ninja you threw in was really cool. Action vs. Plot by Carrie Vaughn over at Genreality.

Break the Block
Feeling stuck? It might be that keyboard and word processor holding you back. Step away and do some old fashioned writing with pen and paper. Here's why from The Writing Base.

The Cherry on Top
Love libraries? Me too. From Curious Expeditions, a compilation of lovely libraries.

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Nina Amir said...

Thanks so much for linking to my Redroom blog post about writing and depression...or joy! I so appreciate it, and I'm glad some of your readers found the blog helpful.

Please let them know that in November I'll be gearing up for Write Nonfiction in November. This blog and challenge will take place both in my RedRoom blog and at The details are all there...It's a 30 challenge to start and finish a piece of nonfiction. No contest. Just something for nonfiction writers to challenge themselves to do while the fiction writers do National Novel Writing Month. And they can read the blog and get lots of superb information at the same time from my guest bloggers. Check out last November's archives for an idea of what's to come this year.

Thanks again!