Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twitter as a Resource

So I now have about 80 followers on Twitter and I'm following about 70 people. Among these, I get updates from several publishers, book fanatics, authors, and other readers. It is really a fun way to connect with other readers and book lovers because everyone shares so much information. I've been collecting links I found interesting or intriguing and figured I would start sharing them here as well. (I'll admit that I snagged this idea from Neil Gaiman's blog - he does posts like this all the time and I think they're fun). I don't want overwhelm you with all of them at once so we'll start with 5:

A fun blog post at Strictly Writing that had me nodding my head and laughing at the things only writers could understand.

An entertaining blog by writer/comic - fun to read. I like her tone and the flow of her posts.

Some tips from the new site I found ( on how to become an effective writer. I'm sure a lot of these will work - I just have to start doing them!

I've been trying to write every day the last couple of weeks. It's not going very well, but I've noticed some things about myself. One of these things is that when I get going I seem to latch on to a word or two and use them a little too much. This site caught my eye - tells you how often you use words.

I'm always looking for good lists of book recommendations. With so many books in the world I'd hate to miss out on some of the best. This line of thinking has also helped me justify not finishing any book that I don't enjoy. Here's two lists (board's and reader's) of the 100 Best Novels (thanks, Random House!).

So, a little for writers and a little for readers. Enjoy!

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