Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shannon Hale: Austenland

We read this for our February book club meeting but didn't discuss it in length, which I was little disappointed about. This was a fantastic little read (little because I did it in a day and wished it had lasted longer) and I recommend it to anyone who has loved, read, or even heard of Jane Austen.

You will get more out of this one if you read Pride and Prejudice first, but even if you've only seen the movie or heard people talk about it you could probably still catch enough to be entertained.

I thought I would like this book when I picked it up because, let's be honest, I love Austen. But I was surprised at how much I loved reading this one. Not having read anything by Hale before I didn't know what to expect so I was pleasantly satisfied with her wit and artistry. I am so glad someone wrote this book and that I got to read it. I wish I could have gotten to know some of the characters a little better, but the length just didn't allow a very in depth development. The plot was great, though, with great execution of the expected as well as some fantastic surprises.

At first I was a little undecided about the ending. I'll try not to give too much away because you really should read this one and find out for yourself. But it took me a while to decide that the ending was the best choice.

So... read it and then tell me what you think. In any case, I will definitely be reading more by Shannon Hale.

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Hurry up and read Goose Girl! You'll love it. And then we'll talk.