Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Excuses

I know I promised more posts on amazing and interesting topics, but things are just crazy right now. My husband has ordered me a new laptop (thanks hunny!) but it won't arrive for a few more weeks. Meanwhile, work has been insane. We had a huge event this last weekend that I helped plan, organize, and carry out. It turned out great but I'm a little short on sleep. And I have two more big events in the next 5 days. It'll be a while before I can write anything intelligent about the fantastic books I've been reading.

I finished Mistborn and read the second one in the series, The Well of Ascension. It was also completely enthralling. Now I come to find out that my library doesn't carry the third one, so I'm left hanging. It's probably for the better though since I've been seriously neglecting my husband in the evenings while my nose is in a book. What can I say, he knew this about me before he married me, so he can't complain. Too much, at least...

So I'm taking a break from Sanderson and reading Stardust by Gaiman again. The first time I listened to it and absolutely loved it - Gaiman is a master at audio. Now I've chosen it for my book club since April is my month and my group needs some serious education in good fantasy. After that it's a choice between Dickens and Le Guin. We'll see what sort of mood I'm in.

So what are you reading? Have you stayed up to the wee hours of the morning because you can't put a book down? I love those books, but they sure do take their toll!


Bahnree said...

I stayed up the other night to finish Till We Have Faces by CS Lewis and ended up crying my eyes out for the last fifty pages, and staying up late to boot.

Madame Hook. said...

I just love how I'll be reading in bed and say to myself "Okay, well I'll just read one more chapter.." and then all of a sudden the book is done and it 3 am and I have a test the next day. I love being a bookworm!

That being said, I just got City of Glass, by Cassandra Clare, and I'm actually being good and waiting til the weekend to read it. Then all bets are off!