Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flu, Cold, Birthday, Busyness

I always think that looks strange spelled that way (busyness) but business is a totally different word...

Yes I've had all of the above: I was sick with the flu first for a few days and missed work; then I was sick with a cold because I didn't rest up long enough to get completely better; then it was my husband's birthday, which was nice; and now there is just general chaos as I try to catch up from being sick. However, the lovely part about being sick is that you have a wonderful excuse to lay in bed all day and read. And you can bet your shoes and socks that's exactly what I did.

When I was better again I was craving more to read so I had a lovely trip to the library last weekend and now have a fresh stack of books on the counter to keep all my idle hours full. I started with Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things. I'm very much interested in his work since I follow his blog and now follow him on Twitter, too. He's a great person to follow on Twitter, by the way, because he always has the best statements and news. Plus, he is always doing so many interesting things! I got halfway through this short story compilation and decided to put it on hold. Several of the stories were quite enjoyable, but several of them were not really to my liking. But I won't let that taint my high opinion of Mr. Gaiman.

So I moved on to Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. I read Elantris last year and really liked it so I figured I would give his second book a try. And I am lovin' it! I'm just shy of halfway through and it is just what I was craving. I will be sure and give a full review when I finish.

But first, I have a couple other books and one movie that I need to cover so you can expect that in the next few days. (Let's be honest - it might be another week.) Although, I think I will probably finish Mistborn soon and move on to another story in my stack.

And Happy St. Patrick's Day, too!

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The Bald Monkey said...

Mistborn was awesome but you have to pick up the second and third books in the trilogy too. He pretty much wrote them all at the same time so he foreshadows events of the third book really well in the first book. He's going to do a terrific job finishing up Jordan's final Wheel of Time book.

Tell your boy I said Happy Birthday!!