Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Author Analysis

Aspiring to be a writer myself, I am often interested in extra information or stories about authors. I like to learn about how they wrote what they did - how did they create such characters? What motivated them to keep going? Who is this person and what kind of imagination produced this book that I enjoy so much? Having just read A Tale of Two Cities I've been wondering a lot about Charles Dickens and the world he lived in.

But as I was surfing the internet last weekend I rediscovered the official site of Neil Gaiman. I saved it to my list of bookmarks when I read/listened to Stardust last year but I haven't spent much time on the website since then. I subscribed to his Journal (blog) and his entries are really interesting. I think it's so fun to see what a famous author does on a daily basis and the things he contemplates and shares with his readers. I find hope for my own creative efforts when I see how a man who has a family and a relatively normal life can create something so beautiful as Stardust.

Writers are, after all, still just people.

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