Thursday, February 28, 2008

Clive Cussler: Polar Shift

Every now and again I get in the mood for some good, simple, adventurous fun. This is when I pick up another Clive Cussler book. This time was different, however.

For some reason, I just couldn't get really interested in this book. It was a good plot, same characters I've enjoyed in the past, and full of action and adventure. But it fell short this time. Maybe it's because I was more in the mood for something fulfilling and, although sometimes simple action is what I need, it just rang hollow. But it was enough to get me through to the end.

If you're a little burned out by deep, heavy literature this might be worth picking up. Of all the adventure authors, Cussler is my favorite so far and I'd recommend him. But only when you're in the mood. I think I'm ready for something more challenging now.

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juberry said...

ok, this actually has to do with the Wheel of Time Series. Did you know that Brandon Sanderson (A BYU Prof) is going to finish the series? cool huh