Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jeanne Ray: Eat Cake

I read this in November for a book club and then got so distracted by the holidays that I forgot to write about it here. But I wanted to make sure I did because this is now one of my favorites.

This novel is about a mother who finds comfort in cake; baking and eating cake. This is an absolutely delicious book. I'm a fan of baking myself so I felt like I could relate to this character. The book follows a period in her life when things seem to pile up and it all come crumbling down. But she pulls through it with the help of cake. One of my favorite themes in this book is family - bringing the family together and finding ways to live under one roof. And cake is at the center of it all.

One of my visitors asked me what to read if you're not looking for a good fantasy read - this is it. This book will put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. Not to mention a strange craving for cake in your stomach... but don't worry - recipes are included at the end.

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The Milk Crate said...

I'm pretty sure I won't ever read this book, but I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.