Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Back to Work

I took a little break there for a couple of days. After an entire month of writing it was nice to set it aside for just a little while. Fortunately, I'm motivated enough about the novel that it was really easy to come back to it. I'm still not through to the end of the story, which is kind of cool because I didn't think I would have that much to say.

So now I'm starting to go through and type the manuscript into the computer and it's interesting to see what I wrote at the beginning, knowing where it ends up. I've got a lot of editing to do, especially since my sister wants a copy of it for Christmas. That means I better work fast. But I actually like editing, so I'm looking forward to all the hard work.

Isn't amazing how work doesn't really feel like work when you enjoy it so much?

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Juberry said...

just keep swimming, just keep swimming...I hope that the editing is still going well. Don't give up!