Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nano Day 14 Update

I am right on schedule with my word count and I am so excited! Last years word count only got to around 17,000 and I've already far surpassed that this year. The best part is that my plot is only just getting started so I think there is still plenty of material to get me to the 50,000 word mark.

I'm still having some problems getting through some parts, but it's going better than before. I've found that I have two or three characters that I really like writing while others are more like a chore. My villain is sadly lacking in development and depth, but hopefully that can be fixed later.

My husband has been so supportive. He always gets excited with me over my daily word increase and he's very good about pushing me to get in the office and write. Having supportive people around really makes a difference for me. I want to accomplish goal not only for myself now, but so that they can be proud of me, too.

How are the people in you life reacting to your Nanowrimo project?

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