Friday, November 9, 2007

The 10,000 Word Mark

I passed 10,000 words! I'm really excited because I didn't get this many words last year until almost the end of the month. I'm still behind - the goal for day 9 is 15,003 words - but I'm feeling encouraged. I really think I'll be able to catch up over the weekend.

The best part is that I'm having a lot of fun. The characters are turning out better than I thought and they're already starting to take the story away from me, which is nice. I feel like I can just sit back and enjoy where they take the story. I've also had a couple of characters just pop up and demand major roles. That's always interesting because they weren't anywhere in the plan but they could end up being some of the best characters of all.

Nothing feels so good as when I sit down, hope for the best, and something good comes of it. This is going better than I expected.

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