Thursday, October 11, 2007

Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey: Elvenborn

This is the third book in Norton and Lackey's Halfblood Chronicles. I finished it this last weekend and really enjoyed this book. You may remember from a couple of posts ago that the second book was rather disappointing at the end because it had such a quick conclusion. I regret to say that the third book gave no further enlightenment on the events and that bothers me a little. The ending was too rushed and not satisfying for me and I had hoped that the third book would overlap it a little to provide a better conclusion. But no such luck.

Elvenborn focuses on a new character but includes some of our old favorites. Although the book took place in the same world and had some of the same characters, it wasn't really a continuation of the story from the previous books. New conflicts were introduced and new quests undertaken. I'm not complaining because I really enjoyed the characters and I like they way the plot moved. It was just different than I expected. And again the ending didn't give me a sense of conclusion, but not because it was rushed this time. The end of the third book left me hanging a little, even though some villains were disposed of and the heroes walked away happy. The main conflicts, the big issues the characters were fighting for, were not resolved. I can only hope another book is on the way.

Despite this, I still really liked the book and recommend you read it.

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