Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey: The Elvenbane

I read this book a couple weeks ago and just flew through it. I've read some of Lackey's work before and really enjoyed it, so I wasn't surprised that I liked this so well. I'm really into dragons, especially shape-shifting dragons, so I was immediately interested when I read about The Halfblood Chronicles on a forum. This is the first of that series.

This novel is set in a world when the Elves are the rulers according to their power, humans are slaves, and dragons are in hiding. The story follows Shana, a human-elf halfblood, as she finds the truth of who she is and then fulfill the prophecy of the Elvenbane. With the help of her dragon half-brother and other halfbloods like her, Shana forces the Elves to recognize their power.

I really enjoyed Shana's character and her strong personality. The story was intriguing and I was glad that the politics of the Elven society remained simple. I get distracted when the author focuses too much on the politics of the ruling class. Lord Dryan is a great villain and nicely matched with Shana's friends other protagonists. I also really liked the magic system and the dragons.

I know I say this a lot, but I really liked this book and I'm excited to finish the series. I recommend this for anyone looking for some good fantasy.

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