Monday, September 24, 2007

Slacking = New Goals

Well, my weekend was full and fun. My husband and I spent some time with our friends and had a couple evenings to ourselves. It was just one of those weekends that we had a really good time.

But once again I find myself slacking on my writing project. Is it just me or do all writer struggle with this constant battle of will? I consistently need a kick in the pants to get going again. I want to write, I do, but I see myself putting it off throughout the day until the entire day is gone. Maybe it's because I think I have to sit down for a long stint and get a lot done on the project I'm working on. Many have said that writing for even 5 minutes a day can keep your mind going and your writing skills in use.

So my new goal is to write everyday, just a little something, anything, everyday. Whether it be in my journal, a scrap piece of paper, or a post-it note, if I can write something creative everyday I can make it a habit. Hopefully writing will become an habitual part of my day that I don't even have to think about. I'll just do it.

Any advice? Has anyone tried this and does it work?

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Anonymous said...

Rasberry, this is Juberry. I got some advice for ya. Of course, i can just call you up, but then all the blog readers would miss out on this...
I went to a lecture by Kevin Anderson, the author of the Star Wars novels. One of his bits of advice was to use every minute. Any time you find yourself sitting around or waiting on something, write, or at least be thinking about the next thing you will write once you get your hands on a pen and paper.
I have found in my own experience that it is also better to take the bits and pieces as they come. You don't have to wait for an entire scene to take shape in your mind before you can commit it to paper. I often jot down a single line from a conversation that I know I want to write. This tactic also helps me to not forget about scenes that I think up on the spot and want to get to later.