Monday, September 17, 2007

Robert Jordan 1948-2007

Some of you may recall that Robert Jordan is one of my favorite authors. I frequently recommend his Wheel of Time series to people interested in fantasy. For some time he has been struggling with illness and yesterday he passed away.

His work will always be dear to my heart and I mourn his passing. But I, as well as other fans, are grateful for the time he was given and the full life he lived.

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twayne said...

Your hubby pointed me to your site at work. He mentioned you were a reader and showed me here when I said I was too.

Jordan was also my favorite author. It was crushing when he died.

Now that they have picked Brandon Sanderson as the man to complete his saga though I think we will be pleased.

If you are looking for a couple of books to add to your reading list check out Sanderson's first three novels:

- Stand alone novel that was a really good debut for a young author.
Mistborn - The Final Empire
- This is his first foray into epic fantasy as the beginning of a planned trilogy. Excellent read.
The Well of Ascension
- This is the second Mistborn book and what I am currently reading. I just started it but so far it is looking pretty promising.

I am gonna comment a few more of your reviews. I know very few women who read the same books that I do ;o)