Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Treadmill Journal Report

It's been three weeks since I started my Treadmill Journal and I wanted to let ya'll know how it's going. I've got to say - I'm a believer. Whether you follow the outline set by Gregory Martin or simply just write about your writing every day, I think keeping a journal of your progress is an amazing tool.

I've been following the 5 entry plan and I really like it. The entries are short, but it really structures my writing time. I find that I'm also more aware of what time of the day I'm working and I feel especially guilty when I miss a day because I know I should have kept my commitment to write. And it's nice to be able to write a couple of sentences at the end of a really productive session. I get just a moment of celebration as I write my report of how it went.

Setting goals, making a plan, following through, and reporting are all elements of a structured and organized project. When I apply these to my writing, I take myself more seriously as a writer. I get more done, I'm motivated to work everyday, and I feel a greater sense of accomplishment.

I recommend you start a Treadmill Journal today.

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