Friday, August 3, 2007


I have a confession. In my last post I talked about my computer like it was my only writing tool. The truth is I'm a pen and paper sort of girl. (Pen, not pencil. Lefties would understand my problem with pencils.) In fact I have an odd sort of respect for paper. I love buying high quality notebooks and journals, but I simply cannot bring myself to write in them. I don't like graffiti, and my chicken scratch filling up one of those nice, expensive notebooks would be, to me, graffiti. (oh, that's a terrible yet strangely entertaining rhyme at the end of that sentence.) In addition to my lamentable handwriting, I often feel that the raw and often silly ideas that I'm scribbling down don't merit a place on nice paper, not, at least, until they've been smoothed out into something more presentable.
So, my solution for all this? Well, while my shelves are quickly crowding with blank notebooks, my supply of scrap paper, post-it notes, index cards, napkins, and toilet paper is running incredibly low. There is something heroic about an idea scribbled on a sticky note aspiring to one day become part of a printed book. And I feel guiltless about wasting paper that has already been wasted once before. Sure it is a nightmare to organize my collection of paper scraps, but it makes me more comfortable in my writing.

Do you have any odd quirks in your writing habits?

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