Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Harry Potter Fever

What is it about Harry Potter that has got the world in such a fever? I' sure all sorts of analysts and journalists have looked into this over the years and I haven't done any research on what they found - I'm just musing here.

The final book in Rowling's series was released last month and everyone I've talked to has had their nose buried in it since. I like Harry Potter and I've read all six in the series, but I didn't run out to buy the book the first day. I'm sure I'll get around to reading it, but I'm in no rush. Juberry finished it as the sun was rising on Saturday and she says it was really good. Maybe she'll have some insightful comments.

Back to my original question: what has got the world all in a tizzy? The books are good, I know - I'm not saying they're not. The characters are engaging, the villain is classic, and the story well told. But there have been millions of novels that fit those requirements. So is it the marketing? Is it Rowling's background? Is it simply Harry's character? And how is it that both adults and children are so entertained and drawn into these novels?

I can think a of a huge list of things I like about the Harry Potter books and characters. Maybe that's the answer - many little things that appeal to a large audience. Or maybe it's because of Rowling's unique take on a classic hero.

As I said, I'm just musing. What do you think? Do you like Harry Potter? Why?

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