Thursday, April 5, 2007


Well, we have come to what I consider the most important question; why do you read?

There are many reasons to read; entertainment, knowledge, obligation, for a school assignment. I have read books for each of these reasons, but now that I am out of school these reasons don't really apply. I have continued to read because I love words. There is a power and magic in words that absolutely astounds me. How is it that a combination of letters, words and phrases can do something so powerful as evoke emotion, alter opinions, or create an image? The power of words intrigues me and keeps me coming back to books. This is also why I love to write - I want to wield this power and influence my reader the way I have been influenced by the books I've read. I read because I can, because my mind and imagination crave the exercise. I read because I love words, characters, and stories. I just love to read. This why I have a Book 'n' a Mug.

So, why do you read?

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