Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Taking Time and My Own Advice

Take time to read.
If there is something that has been tickling the back of your mind,
sit down and write it.
Write it now.
Try that new recipe today.
Don't let the words, "someday" or "later" creep too far into your vocabulary
or they will begin to punctuate all of your hopes, plans, and dreams.
Above all,
don't think you can put off
the process of becoming
until after all the day to day work is done.
It is through the day to day things
that you become the person you will be.
If you plan to become a reader or writer or anything else
take the time to become that person now,
because there is no better time to start.
This is today's advice to myself. I really believe that one of our best sources for advice is ourselves. Who else is more aware of our specific situations? Of course if any of this advice is useful to you please do take it, it's the best I have to give. As for me, I'm going to make muffins and finally start on that writing project I've been dreaming up.
What advice do you have for yourself today?
What are you becoming?

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