Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Food and the Written Word

Food is such a great source of comfort. The smell of homemade bread baking, the aroma of turkey dinner on Thanksgiving or Christmas, bacon and eggs when you first wake up, and that cup of coffee or hot chocolate - these are all things that bring us comfort and a sense of home. Maybe this is why so many of us like to have a comforting cup or something to nibble on while we read or write. Because food is such a great companion to the written word, I'd like to be able to talk about food here and share some of our favorite recipes.

I love to make bread and I also have a fantastic recipe for biscotti and I'll be sure to post them here for you all to try. These are two of my favorite snacks when I'm either reading or writing. What do you like to eat? What are some of your favorite and most comforting smells associated with reading or writing?

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