Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NanoWrimo 2010

I am sorry to report that I will not reach the 50,000 word finish line today for NanoWrimo 2010. I could say that work was absolutely insane this month, I've been too tired to write everyday, and my Thanksgiving feast claimed my attention, but those all feel like hollow excuses.

I am surprised by how disappointed I am not to reach this goal. I did start, though. I did write a lot of those days when I didn't feel like it, too. Currently, I'm sitting at 25,025 words. My husband suggests that I give myself an extension until December 15th, which I think I will do. But I won't be able to upload my document to the site and get that awesome certificate that tells me I am a WINNER!

I guess I have learned my lesson. Next year I will take it more seriously.

In the meantime, I am back in the habit of writing regularly, which is one of the goals I hoped to accomplish this month. I also have another really fun novel in the works which I will continue to work on until I get to the end. And to me, that's something.

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