Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All Settled

My husband and I have moved from Arizona to Virginia over the last month. It was fun and scary. Now that I'm all settled into my new apartment, life is starting to feel more normal again. I have one more box to unpack and then it will feel like home. I have also been hunting for a job. I've had several interviews in the last few weeks, but no solid offers yet. I should be using this time to write, but I've been enjoying my time off too much.

Meanwhile, I submitted my NanoWrimo project to CreateSpace for a proof copy. It was really exciting to get it back, but only highlighted how much more work it needs. There is still some major editing to do before I'll really put it out there.

I also redesigned the site - let me know what you think.

So, it's back to normal life and back to writing.


C.Zincke said...

I really like the new look here- it feels a lot warmer. GOod luck with your job search!

RZStoryLove said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like the new feel.