Friday, July 2, 2010

Endings, Beginnings, and In Between-ings

I've had some major life changes the last month that got me thinking. My husband graduated with his MBA in May and took a job on the east coast. We took a month off to do some traveling and see family and friends before driving across the country to our new home. Now we are in Virginia and mostly settled again. He's finishing his first week of work today, and I'm in the thick of job hunting.

A big part of our lives ended when we left Arizona. We were there for 2 years, and although we knew we were eventually going to leave, we got pretty comfortable. We had a fantastic group of friends, which made it feel like home more than anything else, and I had a great job. When the guys graduated everyone took jobs in different places, though, so even if we had stayed it wouldn't feel the same. There were a lot of goodbyes and lots of promises made.

Then we had Summer of Road Trip. We drove from Arizona to Colorado to Utah to California and back to Arizona. Then we flew to Virginia and back. We packed up all our stuff and hit the road again stopping in Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia. It was a lot of driving. And while it was awesome to see friends and family in all of those places, it felt like limbo. We didn't have a place to go back to and no emotional attachment to our destination. I don't think I could ever be a nomad.

Now we are making new beginnings. We're making new friends, finding new places, and generally having adventures. We're figuring out this new life and looking forward to what comes next. It's nice to be out of limbo, and all those goodbyes feel like forever ago.

These experiences over the last month were a little sad and stressful at the time, but I think that it will be good to reflect on for future writing. We have to have these personal experiences in life so we can understand what our characters are supposed to feel. My life makes my characters more genuine.

Do you have any life changes or experiences that have helped, hurt, or influenced your writing?

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