Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When Do You Give Up?

I've been reading The Third Translation by Matt Bondurant for almost a month now and just cannot seem to get into the story or the characters. Usually I give it until 100 pages before I make the call and I'm at 102 right now. I was expecting more action and adventure but it's more a careful product of some intense research into ancient Egypt. The subject does interest me, but I wish I had more realistic expectations at the start. I think I'm going to put it aside.

At what point do you decide to stop reading a book? What does it take for you to give it up? Have you ever been glad you kept reading when you almost didn't?

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katen said...

I used to give books until page 100, but since I'm a slow reader and I've tasked myself with reading a book every 10 days, I've become more cut-throat. Lately, the things that make me stop reading are no hook into the plot within a day's worth of reading, boring writing, or a very unreasonable world-building mistake.

If I keep reading a book despite some of these things, it's usually to see how an author decides to resolve other issues. Sadly, I don't think there's been book that I pushed through that was worth it.