Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Breakup and Makeup

It has been over a week since the end of NanoWrimo and last night I finally sat down to work on my novel again. I reached the 50,000 word goal but still have a couple of scenes to go before it's finished. After last night I am really wishing I hadn't taken that week off from writing...

My characters are a little upset with me. They felt abandoned and stranded in a stressful and climactic situation. So they're not talking to me.

On top of that, my inner editor is banging on her cage and I am tempted to let her out. I can't wait to go back and start editing this project to see if there is anything good there and find out how to make it better. I've grown attached to these characters and I want to work on perfecting them and their story.

Why oh why did I let it sit for a week? Because I was celebrating my success in reaching my word count goal. I got bogged down and crazy busy with work. I ran out of clean dishes after a month of not cleaning them and I had to clean my house. These are valid reasons!

Yet my novel won't listen to reason. "You found time to write almost every day of November even with other distractions. You didn't really have anything to celebrate because I'm not done. You really did not have 10 minutes to spare in the last 7 days?"

I hang my head in apology - I am sorry. I'm back now so can't we be friends again, my dear novel?

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Emma said...

Oh dear! Hope your characters forgive you!

I promised myself if I made it to 50,000, I wouldn't open the document until January, so I could be in for a shock!

all the best,