Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Elizabeth A. Lynn: Dragon's Winter

I started this book with high hopes because it came highly recommended. I was disappointed. It was enough to keep me interested and coming back to the book even with everything else I'm doing right now, but I was not happy with the experience when I finished.

It seemed to me that there were too many scenes and characters there just to fill the pages. And the ending was so drawn out that it completely ruined the climax. There were also some scenes that seemed unnecessarily violent to me and just a little too graphic. The villains were good and some of the characters were interesting but now that I really think about it, so many of them had characteristics that leave me wondering. The main hero, for example, is homosexual but it seemed such an unnatural choice for the character that I end up not even liking him. Lynn also kills off several of the main characters, which never makes me happy but where I can usually look past the fact, I couldn't in this case. Definitely not a satisfying read.

Although there were a few things I liked (the dragons were pretty good) the book left me wanting more on many levels. I won't be reading the second one because there are so many others I would rather spend my time enjoying.

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