Friday, April 4, 2008


I had a very interesting dream last night that I am excited to put down on paper. The funniest part is that I remember thinking 'I should write this as a story' during the dream... I made sure to grab my little notebook right when I woke up and write down a couple of notes.

I love writing from dreams because I don't have to imagine the feelings because I've just felt them in my sleep. Dreams are so crazy that way - something you dream can affect your emotions when you wake up. In my dream I was trying to avoid someone who was chasing me so I felt fear and the need to be free. I was also looking for my husband but afraid of what would happen when I found him because I had somehow lost the use of my legs. And the whole thing took place in this floating city where the huge buildings just rocked on the water.

Do you have any dreams you've used in writing? How do your dreams affect your feelings when you wake up?

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