Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jeanne Ray: Step-Ball-Change

I loved Eat Cake so much when I read it at the end of last year that I thought I would try another of Jeanne Ray's books. A friend of mine recommended this one and I've had it on my shelf from the library for a long time. I finally had time to read it this week as I was recovering from a minor surgery. I will say it right up front: I loved Step-Ball-Change and my expectations were not disappointed. But Eat Cake is still my favorite.

This novel was similar to the first one I read in that it is all about relationships and how they are affected by hardship. Jeanne Ray has a beautiful way of portraying a family and all the little idiosyncrasies they see on a daily basis. Right away I was captured by the narrator and the problems that just kept cropping up throughout the book. In the end, it is a love story, so I guess it was inevitable that I would enjoy it - I am a girl, after all. But it wasn't the love story I enjoyed so much as all the characters and relationships that lead up to the happy ending.

This is definitely another one that I have on my list of books to add to my personal library. I can see that I would enjoy reading it over again and I would love to recommend it and lend it to my friends.

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