Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You Know You're Addicted to Reading When...

This is a thread on the Book & Reader forum that I found really entertaining. So I've posted some of the responses below for your enjoyment.

You buy your winter coat for the size of the inside pocket.

You have maxed out your library card.

You have a book stashed in every room in your house including the bathroom.

Everytime you're going away for the weekend you pack more books than clothes.

Your heart rate accelerates upon closing in on a library or book store.

You read in front of others because you just have to finish the book.

Your first response to being asked about any movie is: "No, I haven't seen it, but I've read the book."

You will refuse to answer to phone because you are right at the climax of the book.

The only hurricane supplies you can think of getting are a bottle of water, a flashlight, and a book.

You see a perfect stranger reading a book in a public place, and you make a fool out of yourself trying to see what it is.

You have read by the light from your digital watch.

You take baths now instead of showers so you can sit down while reading.

You know the best method to keep the pages in your book from wrinkling after you drop it in the bath.

Caught without a book, you read the ingrediants list on your twinkie.

You get huge crushes on fictional characters.

You bring a book to a movie theatre and aren't disuaded by the lack of available reading light to read.

You spend your grocery money on books: you'd rather read than eat decent food.

You come back home from your day, you lie down and grab a book rather than the TV remote.

You salivate when entering your local bookstore.

The first thing you do upon visiting someone's house for the first time is walk straight to their bookshelf.

You end up having to work your library fines into your budget because you now owe the library your first born child but not borrowing isn't an option.

You own custom made bookmarks with your name embroidered on them.

Your birthday list and Christmas list are comprised entirely of books.

You own so many books that you cannot find the one you want and end up with multiple copies of the same book.

You buy a new book and your spouse kisses you goodbye

You don't mind eating dinner alone in a restaurant as long as you have a book.

You rather like it when your friends are late so you can keep reading while waiting for them.

Any of these sound familiar? Hope you had a good laugh and feel free to add your own.

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Esther23 said...

These are great! I found myself laughing, and relating to many of them! I take a book with me almost everywhere I go.