Monday, July 30, 2007

Writing Priority

Well, I'm feeling much better and I won't have any more company coming through for a few months. Now I'm getting back to normal life and that means back to reading and writing. I never really stopped reading - I always had a book during all the travel and chaos - but once again I am having a difficult time getting back into my writing projects. This should not be so hard! After all, I want to write. So why is it that when I get busy or sick writing is the first thing that gets pushed aside? And it keeps happening - I had the same problem just a couple weeks ago. I think this is probably why only the very determined and persistent make it as writers. There has to be something that drives you to write because it's so easy to just let your projects collect dust. You have to make writing a priority. It almost requires a daily conscious re-commitment to keep myself focused and on track. This blog is a great reminder for me that I need to keep the fire burning so my writing has the chance to become something worth while.

What helps you stay focused? How do you make writing a priority?


J P Barnett said...

How have I made writing a priority? This is one way of doing it but it takes a lot of nerve (admittedly, my reason for doing this wasn't to make writing a priority BTW, it was already a priority but it is an even higher priority now)

Anyway, I am rambling now, back to my point. I have made my writing my career. It is my job. If I don't write I won't bring in any money into the household from new projects/work. That is most definitely sufficient motivation for me to not let my writing slide (and it is proving to be the case). I left my old job due to a) Burnout and b) a writing opportunity had arisen.

Raspberry said...

That's definitely one way to get motivated! I would love to be able to write full-time at some point, but it's just not right for me now.

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